In 2003 we had our first real light display with 10 silhouettes and about 4000 lights. Of course this was a static display, and we got a few cars to slow down as they drove past.

2003 display

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We never had a display in 2004 as we were away at Christmas, so our second display was in 2005. This contained about 5000 lights and 20 Silhouettes, plus about 1000 more lights on my shed. Most were powered from just one point in the house, making movement in that area a little risky.

2005 display image 1

2005 display image 2

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This was my last non-animated setup, and the first year I decided to use a toroidal transformer setup to power some of the lights, but this was done after the initial setup had taken place. I think the light count was somewhere around 10,000 lights, maybe a little more.

before the tidy up

The toroidal setup sure made a difference, scrapping about 22 individual 24V plugpacks. The remaining ones are 36V lights, which would have all fitted on a single 36V toroidal transformer which I had bought, but did not get time to install. The 2 transformers were fitted into an old PC case I had in the shed. I had intentions of simply growing this type of display with more lights, but cars just drove past, rarely slowing down for more than a few seconds. I decided I needed something more catching for 2007. One thing I will return in 2008 is the red-trimmed seat as that was nice on the front deck, but it might be moved to somewhere else, depending on room.

Makes a difference

2006 display image 4

2006 display image 3

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