Total raised for our charity, the Red Cross blood bus: $2,850, including $500 from Delta Electricity

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2019.

This year we were lucky to be mentioned in various television broadcasts, radio shows and newspapers.

Images from 2008

Mr Whippy
On the 23rd of December Mr Whippy arrived down from Bathurst, selling Coffee's, Icecreams and the ever popular Slushee's. A big thanks for helping out, and he will be back next year.

A visit from Santa on Christmas Eve was a suprise for all. It did manage to cause a small traffic jam which lasted for over 2 hours as seen below. We took digital pictures of Santa with over 50 visitors, and they were emailed out later that evening, or on Christmas Day. Hopefully Santa will be a regular visitor in 2009.

There are 8 cars in the image, but there were another 4 across the road and 2 in the paddock to the right. Considering our street is a dead-end, and only used by those who live in the street, the increase in traffic was definately noticed. Traffic stayed like this from about 8:30PM until lights out at 11:30pm. A big thanks to everyone who helped on the night.

Some Video's from 2008

We Will Rock You - Queen

I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door (Edited down)

Win News

Santa's Coming On A Surfboard

Other 2008 pages

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Total of 2008's spend

Saw & Steel: $265
Floodlights: $360
LED Strobes: $60
Ropelight: $240
Grinch boards & Parts: $130
Ledtriks Parts: $150
Ledtriks casing: $130
MIG Welder: $1100
Welding Helmet: $300
Ropelight items: $250
Soldering Iron: $129
CRO: $99
Chips: $115
Jet Ski: $29
Futurlec Order 1: $445
Cable: $150
Spraypaint: $120
Storage Units: $120
Candy Canes: $100
Powerboard SSR's: $160
Cat 5 Cable: $120
Tools & Testers: $60
Futurlec Order 2: $445
Various Parts: $100

Total: $5,197