Total Raised for Redkite: $3,000, including $500 from Delta Electricity

The further donation $500 promised and shook on is now no longer coming from Michael Bennett,
proving you really can't trust a car salesman!

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2019.

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A BIG thanks to Santa for his time and effort this year.

We would also like to sincerely thank the Management of the Lithgow Valley Plaza who have donated a wonderful piece of clothing, as well as a huge bag of lollies! I know that everyone will continue to enjoy the donated item as much as they have in previous years!

From left to right: Jenni Seton (Redkite CEO), Juanita Rawsthorne (Front), Suellen Rawsthorne (Rear), Jacob Rawsthorne, David Rawsthorne, Beth Palmer (Redkite).


One of many images of the display taken during December. Alas it also shows the huge failure of the 2 channel ropelight on the roof. Because of the difficulty in replacing it, it was left for the remainder of the month as it was. Besides the failure of 2 LED Floodlights on Christmas Eve, this was the only annoying failure that occurred during the month.

This images shows almost all of the white lights on, and is one of the few showing the Olsen star in all its glory above the megatree. Because I had a few small issues with bad connections in the light, I am considering upgrading the light to use LED Ropelight.

An interesting image which shows the depth of color of the Blue LED's in the LED Floodlights. The blue is cast by a total of 336 LED, and uses a power of just 29 watts to give this level of color. No wonder I love the LED Floodlights.

The picture does not do justice to the LED's in the Megatree, but the 128 LED's here give a blinding white light and are only fired on for 0.05 to 0.1 seconds at a time to give a real "Strobe" effect.

Mr Whippy was a crowd favourite once again. Although it was a costly exercise for Mr Whippy to come down from Bathurst, the quality of his icecreams and coffees was, as usual, excellent.

Even Santa enjoyed a blue Slushee from Mr Whippy. The kids enjoyed helping, and learnt heaps about making icecreams, slushees and also making change for the customers.

One of the hundreds of Santa pictures taken during the month of December. Yes she really is a devil at times.


Wizards In Winter - Trans Siberian Orchestra

We Will Rock You - Queen

The Time Warp - Rocky Horror (Movie Version)

Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 - Trans Siberian Orchestra

12 Pains of Christmas

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