Total Raised for Redkite: $3,000, including $500 from Delta Electricity

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2020.

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Jan-Mar Build
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Going Green

A big thank you to Target and Sams Warehouse for their help with giveaways for kids who get their picture with Santa this year. Also thanks to Lithgow KFC for the sign used for the Fast Food Song, plus help sourcing a Pizza Hut sign. McDonalds dropped off a heap of giveaways for kids.

We did learn a few things this year, and next year we will return to a "Family" organisation, with just the 4 family members greeting cars, rather than the additional help that was used this year. A fairy and clown just do not go with Christmas Lights, plus we felt as if we lost a little control of the show on Christmas Eve because of this. This will be rectified in 2011.

Media Exposure:

  • Central West ABC - I was interviewed by Brooke Daniels live on air on Monday 20th (Sorry again for not mentioning you Juanita!!!). A great all-round interview, but alas we did not record it, and the morning show has no podcast available.
  • Prime News interviewed us on Tuesday the 21st, and it was TV on the 22nd. They used footage taken by me of the show, plus their interview footage. The broadcast can be seen at the bottom of the page.
  • The local radio station (107.9FM) has mentioned us heaps and we did a phone interview on Thursday the 23rd, which was played on Christmas Eve. The .MP3 file can be found just below the photographs.
  • 2T radio also did a live interview on the 23rd, but I did not get a chance to record it.
  • Lithgow Mercury - 23 December. The image can be found below.


Heres one way to confuse an Elf! The 2 Santa's Helpers, Amy and Natasha, help Santa.

Lithgow Mercury 23/12/2010

107.9FM Radio Interview Played on 24/12/2010 (3.3MB, 3.5 Minute .MP3 file)


The 2010 video's are in HD thanks to a new JVC HD video camera.

Wizards In Winter - Trans Siberian Orchestra

We Will Rock You - Queen

Toccata - Trans Siberian Orchestra

The Time Warp - Rocky Horror (Movie version)

Fast Food Song