Melbourne Trip - June 5-6 2010

John Wilson organised an excellent Mini in Melbourne over the June 5-6 weekend. Wridgways was kind enough to allow us to use the mealroom of their warehouse in South Dandenong, and some 20 people turned up for a feature packed 2 days of learning and catching up with old friends.

Matt doing DMX Talk

Matt did a talk on DMX, how it works, how we control it, and the various items that we can control.

Group Shot

The crowd watching Matt's talk.

Front: Andrew (back to camera),
Left side rear: Michael, Tim, Peter
Left side at Table: Dave, Ingrid, Greg (? - behind camera), Trevor, Phil, Andrew, Michael
Far side table: ?, Tess and her dad Bruce

Michael and Andrew

Michael and Andrew talk about SMD soldering, and showing a few different techniques to solder items.

Greg (?), Trevor, Phil, Matt and Tess in front

SMD Demo by Matt

Matt does an excellent SMD demo using a few different techniques for attaching chips.

Phil's board

Phils 48 Channel Tiger DMX board.

LED lights

Some of the different LED light strings available.

Ledtriks talk

Michael watches as Tim does an excellent talk on the past, present and future of the Ledtriks.

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