Donations collected and delivered to Redkite $3,620, including $500 from Delta Electricity.

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2019.

At the start of December we were a little worried that the display may not be as popular as in previous years, and this was worsened by the poor weather we had pretty much all month, with barely a dry evening before Christmas Eve. The visitors were slow in building, but by the end of the second week we were getting an ever increasing line of cars visit every night. Thanks to everyone who visited, as we passed our $3000 target, and managed to raise $3,620 over the month.

We did 2 radio interviews and the Mercury done an excellent writeup in the paper, but no television station seemed interested enough to even return our email this year, which was a pity. One thing we changed this year was our music selection, but I think it lacked the punch of previous years, so in 2012 I have decided on 2 seperate shows, and Australian themed night, and a second show, both with a mix of old and new songs, and they will be on alternate nights.


This is the LithgowLights crew wearing their Lithgow Cable Services supplied shirts. Left to right, Rear: Jacob, Santa, David. Front: Sue and Juanita.


The LithgowLights crew delivering the $3,620 in cheques to Monique Keighery (General Manager Marketing & Relationships at Redkite) on 18 January 2012, shortly after visiting the Triple M studio's and meeting The Grill Team and The Spoonman once again. (More on that in the 2012 page)



900 2LT, our local AM radiop station did a great interview which was played on air Tuesday 13th of December. An MP3 of the 4.5 minute interview can be found here: 2LT Interview (1.9MB)

Angela Owens from ABC Regional Radio also did a great 8 minute phone interview which was played on their morning show on Thursday 15th of December, and can be found here: ABC Interview (2.5 MB)

The local Mercury did a great article on us which was in the paper on Saturday the 17th of December.

Front page with ours on the left and another house in Finlay ave on the right:


Page 4:

Delta Electricity Just Generated 3 Jan 2012

Just Generated 3 Jan 2012

Delta Electricity Just Generated 23 Jan 2012

Just Generated 23 Jan 2012

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LSP Files

Total of 2011's spend

Fibreglassing order 1: $187
Fibreglassing order 2: $60
Fibreglassing Parts: $20
RGB LED order 1: $44
Spraypaint: $30
RGB LED Order 2: $180
Pixel Order 1: $115
Pixel Order 2: $95
5050 Pixels: $55
Pixel Order 3: $118
Pixad8 Controller: $132
Power supplies & RGB's: $1,430
Cable: $240
Steel Tube: $20
RGB Strip: $134
Cable: $105
Light order 2: $558
Bunnings Stuff: $50
Cable Ties: $55
Plastic Parts: $47
Plastic Vents: $40
Leaping Arch Conduit: $54
LSP Upgrade: $147
Spraypaint: $35
Clear Tube: $9
Light Controller: $186
Cable: $132
Boards: $35
Rope: $40
Serial Ports: $10
Plastic boxes: $70
Flyscreen: $10
Lollies: $160
Mr Whippy: $50
Gift for Santa: $50

Total: $4,703*

* Not including Stellascapes Pixels