Total Raised for Redkite: $3,620, including $500 from Delta Electricity

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The last couple of days have been very busy. Yesterday I finished and tested 9 DMX and 24V DC cable sets to be used for the Floodlights. To test them even better I placed them in the yard for a simple halloween display using just red flickering lights (and one white flood) in the garden, and it was a hit with the kids, as over 50 visited.

Today was a busy day with completing the DMX and floodlight power cables, and then adding the power leads to the 8 lights for the windows on the house. These were all tested to ensure there was no issues with the wiring or connections.

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NOV 16

Big week with orders arriving left right and center. My P12R arrived from J1Sys which will be used to control a few items, as well as some more cable. My local supplier of 4 and 6 core .5mm cable (14/020) charges between $110 and $135 a 100 meter roll. I ordered 100m of 4 core and 100m of 6 core, delivered to my door for $132, so guess where I'll be buying cable from in the future!!!

Oh and lights started going up today, but the rain slowed the install up a bit, but the 3 hardest sections across the roof, 12 of 15 sections of RGBW ropelight and 8 windows were done before it started raining.

Ordered 10 "spare" 3 chan DMX boards and managed to scrounge up enough parts to complete them today, and these will be used to power additional items, including my glowing LED balls :)

The Bethlehem Star was also completed this week, and a few images below show the 9 channel star in action earlier today.

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NOV 18

A busy couple of days, slowed up by a bit of rain yesterday. The leaping arches are out, and were given a coat of paint to tidy them up before the lights get installed on them tomorrow. The minitrees are out, ready for connection tomorrow, the lawns have been given a very close cut in the hope it wont need again much before the end of the month. Shrub lights were created today (100 RGB LED's) and tested before installing on the 4 shrubs.

One issue I worry about is the megatree light sets being stretched so I have anchored them onto a strip of 2.5mm black rope, and it is the rope, not the LED's, which is anchored at each end and pulled taught, lowering the strain on the tree pixels. 7 of the 16 sets have been attached to the rope, with the rest planned for tomorrow.

The Megatree is up, stays attached to the ground and house, with a bit of tightening to be done tomorrow before putting up the lights.

The P12R was given a test to ensure its ready for the job, and I have started on the case for it, which should be completed tomorrow.

In between that I spent a bit of time tidying the shed and apparently the ground is concrete, not offcuts of wire, cableties and old lights - WOW!

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NOV 19

I was hoping for a big day, but I ended up having a busy day, but not getting as much done as I wanted.

The P12R was used to help note the top and center points on the leaping arches to allow me to install them today on the 6 arches. While I was at it I also completed attaching the megatree lights to the 2mm rope, and then installed them later today. The innner tree will be completed tomorrow as I need a clamp to hold the inner cables - the one I had was too small.

A number of controllers were also connected, but not yet ready for a test - thats tomorrows job.

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The show is running, but poorly due to LSP program errors.

The Ledtriks is having a few issues, with some flickering, so I'll look into that a bit tomorrow.

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Most of the show is running, with a few lights left to add to the sequence. The ledtriks has failed, but the fault has been found and the system is undergoing final tests before being sealed and placed back in service in the next few days, but it will be running independently to the show (on a second PC) until I get a new com port to drive it, which was kindly supplied by another member on ACL

A few minor issues with minitree controllers will be looked at tomorrow, and I'll see whats happening, but suspect a bad cable or connection.

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DEC >6

Fixed the issue with the bad controllers. Ended up being a bad 4 pin connection which I did not bother fault finding, so I replaced it entirely. This has fixed the issue with flickering and hours of testing have come up with no errors.

While I was at it I fixed a connection issue with the Santa Poles, which turned out to be the same issue as above, a bad connection.

I also spent time with Light Show Pro updating a few channels to get items working properly in all the shows, plus I added the channels added yesterday to all the shows so things look a fair bit better.

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Total of 2011's spend

Fibreglassing order 1: $187
Fibreglassing order 2: $60
Fibreglassing Parts: $20
RGB LED order 1: $44
Spraypaint: $30
RGB LED Order 2: $180
Pixel Order 1: $115
Pixel Order 2: $95
5050 Pixels: $55
Pixel Order 3: $118
Pixad8 Controller: $132
Power supplies & RGB's: $1,430
Cable: $240
Steel Tube: $20
RGB Strip: $134
Cable: $105
Light order 2: $558
Bunnings Stuff: $50
Cable Ties: $55
Plastic Parts: $47
Plastic Vents: $40
Leaping Arch Conduit: $54
LSP Upgrade: $147
Spraypaint: $35
Clear Tube: $9
Light Controller: $186
Cable: $132
Boards: $35
Rope: $40
Serial Ports: $10
Plastic boxes: $70
Flyscreen: $10
Lollies: $160
Mr Whippy: $50
Gift for Santa: $50

Total: $4,703*

*Not including Stellascapes Pixels