Canberra 'Meet & Greet' March 2012

Back in January Phil decided to organise a Meet & Greet in Canberra, and the following are some of the images from the day. Held at Phils house, we were given a demonstration of his setup, but this was largely an unscripted get together of people from Sydney, Queensland, western Sydney, plus a few from around Canberra as well.

A worth while trip for everyone involved, we saw demos of Vixen 3 from Phil, LSP from Eddy (Can't blame Eddy as this was not really his best demo), LOR (Geoff), as well as Pixel Toy and other tips and tricks for us to play with later.

The show and tell was a little less organised, with things strewn about and people just chatting about it. Much of my gear, although asked to be taken, was never opened as there simply was no room to put it out.


Eddy LSP

Here is Fasteddy giving his LSP presentation. Although it was a little unscripted, many people learnt some great tips on how to make things work together, as well as speed and memory issues with large channel count displays, and the tips some people have found to minimise any issues.


Steve, and I don't think he has opened a beer at this stage, so maybe that fall really did cause an issue.....


Some of the group, with the webcam in front pointing at the screen for those who watched the live stream.

Group 1

Group photo, although we missed a couple who had to leave early on the Saturday. (Full size image). Left to Right: indudio (James), g.Hain (Glenn), Aussiephil (Phil), LithgowLights (David), Charltonmick (Michael), Grahami2006 (Graham), Joekin (Joe), aussiexmas (Geoff), Superman (Steve), talktocoxie (Mark), Yagoona_Lights (Ben), Fasteddy (Eddy)


Yes, at least one of us advertised that we had C.L.A.P., that is Christmas Lights Addiction Problem, not that other bad version :)

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