September to December

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2019.


Started working on a small 13 * 13 Pixel display item to use some of the old pixels I had from the Pixicle test item made back in February.

This will be a stand alone item and I am not even sure where it will be located in the display, as the initial ideq was to test the 30mm spacing for LED's at a normal viewing distance.


The 13 * 13 display is done and looks good. Below are a couple of images from the display. Still nothing really programmed for it yet, but I'll get something done soon.


My lights arrived from China today. This is the final order from Ray this year.

Light Order

These are for the LED Sign, some spares, as well as spare PSU's, some RGB Strip, connectors and also some 27 channel controllers as well.

LED Board

The LED Board after drilling. 2080 12.5mm holes in a board 865mm high and 1700mm wide.

Painted LED Board

Here is the board with 1 coat of paint on it. Tomorrow I'll do the sides, paint it again and start to install the LED's with luck.


More work done on the Led matrix today. Yesterday I managed to get 8 rows, or 25% of the lights installed, and today I got all but the last 5 rows, or a total of about 85% of the lights installed.


Light Order

Above picture shows progress about lunchtime today, with about 1100 lights installed.

LED Board

It's the red wire thats the problem, cant you see?

Painted LED Board

Where I left off tonight, and about 1700 lights in place. Another hour in the morning should see the board completed, and a few hours after that power and data connections should be completed ready to test.


Well the Bathurst 1000 was on today, so the TV was on in the shed and some work was done on the the Led matrix between interesting bits of the race today. All the lights are installed and the interconnections are such that the entire 2080 lights are connected in series. I'll be running the P2, the small J1Sys controller, with 520 LED's per output, so 2 controllers will run the entire screen.... I hope.

Screen Back

This is the back of the sign. All LED's are installed, and the blue wires are connected to power injection for the top half of the screen. Each injection pair of blue wires powers 3 individual rows of LED's via the thinner grey wires.

LED Board front

The front of the LED screen. The small red tabs are notes that the LED's have been tested for data and power and have passed OK. Once the upgraded P2 code comes out the red tape will be removed as larger blocks are tested preperly.


The top half of the LED Screen has been completely tested and works great after updating the P2's firmware version.

I'll complete the wiring of the power injection for the bottom half of the screen soon.


The screen has been done and tested to find any pixels which have failed early in their life. There are currently 3 pixels awaiting replacement.

Below are some images from one of the sequences.

Tune to

Tune to. It actually writes 1 letter on at a time, then pauses before going out.


One of the many Redkite popups we will be using this year.


And another for Redkite.


Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden ute. Ok not a lot of rust shown, but it still looks rather cool.


Our land abounds in natures gifts, and this roo (Complete with green eye caused by faulty pixel!) is one of them.


Hard to see in the image, but the white stars do stand out better when viewed by eye.


Santa - Check.
Surfboard - Check.
Jetski - Check.
Smoke - Um, what????


Started putting up lights today. While I was at it I decided to test the pixicles. It's a rough video, but gives you the idea...

Oh and a warning...


A big thanks to Nigel from N&K Stickers and Signs for doing the vinyl for me so quickly.


The screen suffered a pixel failure which took out the majority of the top 1/4, so A bit of open-screen surgery was required.

The bad pixels. Never sure if it is the last one lit, or the first one unlit, so I usually swap them both out nowdays as it is quicker and simpler.

The following 2 pictures are for Ben, who wanted to see how I did the window outline. This is thin rope from BCF in Bathurst, strung tightly around 4 screws in the corners of the windows. To that dumb RGB LED's are cabletied, giving a nice neat and straight line of lights

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