Time to scare the kids!

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Going Green

In 2011 we used Halloween to test a few updated lights, so this year we decided to do the same, but dress it up a bit. Sure we PLANNED a small show, but we may have overdone it a bit.... I'd like to thank Sue, Jacob and Juanita for their effort tonight, Jeff for the loan of the air pump for the birdbath, and Nigel from N&K Stickers and Signs for the vinyl on the barrels.

A walkthrough video of the display, but it is a bit hard to see the entire display.


The house lit up all red. The lights flickered and the Pixicles dripped blood, but the pictures of the house all red looked way better. The 1000 pixicles, 16 floodlights, 4 shrubs and 8 windows lights were used to give a spooky effect, but next year it needs a bit more color.

Front yard, path and deck, with the barrels and scary bird bath. People were able to walk right up to the deck, which is rare for our display as it usually blocks off the entire yard.

Sue and Jacob

Sue and Jacob did a great job greeting visitors. Poor Jacob has a sprained ankle so was hobbling around, often on crutches, which really added to the effect for the night.

Scared? I am :) Sue managed to wear the gear most of the evening, and scared more than a few kids.

One of the little guys who just hung around for the night. We had a few items like ghosts, handcuffs, ball and chains, spiderwebs and more scattered through the yard. Next year I hope to add a few more props to fill out some of the areas.

Not many people noticed this under the stairs, but when they did they usually screamed. I tried to keep the lighting subtle on him, but next year i'll probably look at maybe hands coming out onto the back of the stairs.

Sue playing up to the camera... or about to attack, I cant remember which. A setup image that really looked great.

Jacob had a great night, and looked the part in his costume. Well I THINK it was a costume, as you can never tell with teenagers these days.

The body barrels, pumpkin and one of the light controller boxes in the background. The barrels will be used to store the slowly increasing collection of halloween items. A big thanks to Nigel from N&K stickers and signs for the really quick printing of the vinyl "blood".

Juanita looked so lonely in this image... or was that scared? A typical teenager, she is wearing dirty clothing. Oh wait, is that blood? Juanita, who did you kill this time?

I think someone is about to get a really bad scare in a few seconds. I really think it will be Sue :)

The birdbath was filled with red food die, a little green die, and some flour to "thicken" the water and add some opacity to it. An air pump, kindly loaned to us by Simdra Pet and Hobby Mart in Lithgow, was used to bubble the water for a great effect.

Juanita at the "cauldron". We probably need a larger one for next year, and thicker water. I might look at some underwater lighting for the birdbath next year, just a pixel or two would be all thats needed.

Bubble bubble toil and David's in trouble... as usual. Sue probably saw what I spent on lights this year.