Melbourne 2/3 June 2012, Sydney 8 July 2012

In June I did my usual trip down to Melbourne for the Melbourne Mini held by the Tuppets. This excellent 2 day gathering has been attended by me for the last 5 years, and I will continue to head down each year to both learn and help others as best I can.

2012 saw a lot of new members attending this year. I only took a few images, but here is the main one of the group on day 1. (Full size image.)

Rear Row, Left to Right: andrewm (Andrew), LithgowLights (David), cscool36 (Colin), djgra79 (Graham), Tuppetsdad (Bruce), Tuppet (Tess), Tom82 (Tom), Daunce, Ruprect, abundy (Jim).
Front Row: AAH (Alan), Ewan (Ewan), Muzzag50.
Missing (Left before photo): Pipersmall (Hamish), Charltonmick (Michael)

In July it was Sydneys turn, and 20 people turned up to hear Phil's excellent controller and software talk, as well as do a lot of hands on and small group discussions, which is one of the best ways for people to learn. Held at the Sydney Fish Market, this was by far one of the best Mini's I have attended so far, with a lot of people new to animated lighting, so I think there was a lot of knowledge taken away on the day by many people. (Full size image.)

Left to Right: Fasteddy (Eddy), Beatsmushin, john_s_sub (John), dpavisic (Danny), Johnny's Wife, Johnny, Wombat (Ian), JPB (Jon), Tony_Lights (Tony), LithgowLights (David), cscool36 (Colin), Lytnin (Dave), Random (Geoff), Christmas in the Shire (Craig), Chipping Norton Lights, Aussiephil (Phil), Yagoona_Lights (Ben), Peter H (Peter).
Missing: Edwin2168 (Edwin), bbayjohn, Burkle (Jacob, Lithgowlights Son who took photo).

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