The lights are now over for 2013!
Total raised for Redkite: $4,200

We were on the ABC's 7:30 report an 20/12/2013! The video which was played can also be seen over on ABC Open, but is also linked at the bottom of the page. A big thank you to Luke Wong and ABC Central West.

Still Images

An artistic look up inside the Megatree during the show. This is one view that is unavailable for the public, but it is such a great view I thought I would share it.


The Rose Garden, lit up with 672 individual RGB Pixels, 21 high and 32 strings around. This is half the size of the megatree in terms of total lights


A view of the house from the south, looking at the new white minitrees


The minitrees and house from the street


The normal viewing location of previous years does not really do the display as much justice as it used to. This is partly because of the volume of lights, as well as the trees in the yard have grown much thicker and larger over the last couple of years, so they block parts of the display, but you can still see the house from many different locations, and you see different things depending on where you watch.


We still do colid color items on the house, and until you have seen the entire house one color, you really dont appreciate just how bright it really is, especially when it's all white!


The screen is reminding us what the Fox said lol


One of my favourite views, looking towards the North east from the street side of the house, with the megatree, minitrees, rose garden, arches, candy canes, house and trees all illuminated.


Fireflies - Owl City

Faith of the Heart

Toy Sack - Bob Rivers

O Come All Ye Faithful - Trans Siberian Orchestre

The Fox - Ylvis

We Will Rock You - Queen

ABC Open Central West NSW story

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Snow machine fluid

Total of 2013's spend

White Minitrees: $165
Alcohol: $25
Snow Machines: $175
Cable & Boxes: $160
Steel for faces: $60
Boxes: $100
Standoffs: $16
P12S: $225
Rope: $40
Cableties: $50
Ray Wu Order 1: $500
Ray Wu Order 2: $692
Cable: $110
Bunnings Various: $100
Gigabit Switch: $110
Lollies: $250
Lollies: $230

Total: $3,008