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See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2020.

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Reducing Lights


Started upgrading stuff for 2014, but not a lot of images as yet.

The 3 singing faces will be increased to 6 in 2014, and instead of a central controller box, I have started by placing the DMX Controller on the back of the 3 existing faces.

Here the controller sits in one corner of the face as this was the face with the short leads. The other 2 are in the center of the faces, but wont be seen during the show anyway.

Rather than 8 thicker white leads running back to a central control box, this year there are three cables going to each face - a DMX In, the short white one, DMX Out, the blue lead long enough to go to the next face, and Power In, the white longer lead. There will still be a central power box located on the front deck, and that will contain a pair of 250W 5V PSU's and thats all.

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FEB 20

Went down to Redkite to deliver the cheque today, and as always it was a great day.

Here we are delivering the cheque to the redkite staff.

As usual the qhole office turned out to see the videos of the display, and generally have a chat with us.

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APR 28

Completed welding up the 6 new singing faces- 3 for me, 3 for YagoonaLights.

Once I complete upgrading the new outline lights, which were also started today, I'll put the lights on the face, or order more to do it.

The light count will be taking a big hit this year with the new outline strings, as only 4 of 12 have been updated and I have already dropped 2,291 LED's

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MAY 18

Not a lot to say, but a lot has been done in recent weeks.

The new House Outline lights have been completed, reducing the lights by an astounding 10,090 lights. The original 24V house outline LED's were individual strips of Red, Green, Blue and White single color 3mm LED's drawing up to 550 watts when they were all turned on, or around 161 watts for any single color. The new LED's are the same as many other items used in the display, such as the Minitrees, window silhouettes and more, and the 782 8mm LED's draw a maximum of 148 watts when on white, or 59 watts or less for any single color. The lights will also be a lot easier to repair and maintain going into the future.

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JUL 22

All these new outline LED's meant the controllers used to power them needed monifying. Originally they were RGBW 24V lights, so each section needed 4 channels, not 3. The new lights are RGB so they only need 3 channels, and also just 5V, not 24V.

The controllers have been modified, new PSU's installed, and they have all been tested to ensure they work properly for this year.

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AUG 20

All the updates to the LED's and controllers mean that I need to start updating the songs used this year to support the new channel count for the house outlines.

This takes time, with about 3 hours work per song, but there are a lot more changes than just the channels for the outline, but that is just to compact the channel allocations to make it easier going into the future.

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Song updates are all done, and a few changes have been made to older songs as I went, to make them a little better and more responsive for this year.

So far I have 4 voiceovers (1 has been dropped from what we had last year), and 3 old songs upgraded to this years layout.

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OCT 25

I must be mad. Started to sequence 1 more song for this year, as well as completely redoing one song last used in 2010. The update includes complete singing faces, so it's actually the most complex song I have done in a while, beaten only by last years "What does the Fox Say" in size (19MB Vs 23MB for the files).

Given up counting songs, but this show will have 1 completely new song (think what movie kids have raved about this year and you might have an idea of the song), plus some old classics, as well as updates from last years song list.

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Lights are starting to go up. 1432 Lights have been installed, with another 22,000 or something left to go.

The above images is a pic of the 5V mod for the 27 channel boards. A simple wire bypasses the diode and voltage regulator and allows the board to run on a 5V supply. Please note there is NO protection for over voltage, nor reverse polarity so do this at your own risk.

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