Total Raised for Redkite: $2,400

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2020.

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Jan-Dec Build

In 2018 we had a total of 46,461 lights as part of the display. The lights ran from December 1st to December 28th and you can see some images below, and video further down the page.

We have implemented a Paypal donation, 100% of which will be used to cover the cost of upgrading and running the display, as well as covering the website hosting costs. See the link at the bottom of each page to donate.



Carol Of The Bells by Lindsey Stirling

My Songs know what you did in the dark (Light 'em up) by Fall Out Boy

Silent Night by Mannheim Steamroller

The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman

We Three Kings by Alexander Jean feat Casey Abrams

Curse Of The Ice Queen

Toccata by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Game Of Thrones theme

Baby Shark

Aussie Jingle Bells by The Sunny Cowgirls

Haka (Tribute to Rocky Wood)

The Light by Disturbed

Toy Sack by Bob Rivers