January to December

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2018.


The large 12 pointed star is complete, with some images below. 1.8kg of plastic, 12 parts, with 12 internal adapters, 60 LED's and 20 internal joiners all came together to create another unique item for 2018.

A comparison of the original 12 point stars and the new one. 250% increase in size

The completed star running a test sequence


A video of the star in action.

At this time it was printing the last of the pieces to go into the base of the light.


Lights are mostly down, and we have started working on whats needed for 2018. A few tentative plans have been made, and orders begun, for the replacement of the singing faces, plus the addition of about 2000+ Pixels into the display.

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2018 Build Page

Total of 2018's spend

Boscoyo Order: $200
Total: $200

David Rawsthorne Photography