January to December

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2019.


Between trips to the Physio for my wifes recovery after a knee replacement, I have managed to finish the new P10 panel build. It's not in a case yet, thats Sundays job, but for now all 25 Panels are screwed together with custom 3D Printed panel joiners.

P10 build 1

I still have a few hours left to print the edge joiners, and I am planning on printing a small joiner for the middle of the long side of the panels, possibly with a small hole to allow it to be pulled back to straighten the panel in the case.

P10 Build 2

The start of the end joiners, with holes to allow the screen to be screwed to the case.

Still to print: PSU Holders, BBB holder. Also need to find a fuseblock or two to fuse the screens, and these panels draw almost double the power of the old P10 panels, so there are a pair of 300W PSU's instead of a single one as in the older P10 screen.

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My LYSONLED order arrived and all I can say is WOW!

A massive thanks to Cherry at LYSONLED for the help in ordering and one of the fastest deliveries of a package from China in many years. Close to 9kg, and it's done one major thing - got me wondering how I can pay for 30 MORE P5 panels to upgrade a few items in this years display. Anyone want to sponsor a AU $1000 upgrade please?

I am planning on a definite change from P10 to P5 panels for the 2 small north and south pole Tune To signs, but after seeing the P5's in action, I'd also like to upgrade the old 3*3 corner mounted signs, my original tune to signs, to P5, adding 18 more P5 panels to the setup. This would increase my channel count for 2019 to over 300,000 channels, and require only minimal changes to the actual setup for the year.

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Loads done this month, but slowed up due to my wife having a knee replacement at the start of the month.

Did my first order with LYSONLED in China, and now awaiting it to be delivered mid next month. 30 P10 panels, 4 Power Supplies, 2 P5 panels (to test), and a Colorlight card to see if they are better at driving the P10's than the Beaglebone Black.

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Attended build party at Bens house today and managed to get a few new items delivered and 726 pixels pushed.

  • DITTO sign, complete with 119 Pixels
  • Small 120cm Nutcracker with 150 pixels
  • Kangaroo with 107 pixels
  • 5 360 degree minitrees with 70 pixels each
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More items done in the last couple of weeks, and ordered and received a new Falcon F16 V3 that was put in the rose garden instead of the PixLite 16 Mk II. The PixLite is a good board, but not suited to where I had it planned for, so it will likely go into the JetSki instead of the old J1Sys P12S. For the next few weeks I'll likely loan Ben the board to have a play with.

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Been flat out since the mini finishing off items.

12pt stars

The last of the 12 point 3D Printed stars. These took many weeks to print the parts, and have finally been completed and are ready to put in storage waiting for Christmas.

12pt stars

Each of the old and rather yellowed stars was matched with a new star to avoid needing to use over 25 more plugs and sockets for the upgrade. While the old ones look very yellow, the color is not noticeable at night.


A coro Roo, that will later be painted a grey color and matched with a second one to live on the jetski this year. This was used in my demo of mapping items to your display at the sydney mini.


A new item for this year, and the first that has been "painted" to look decent through the day. Still not exactly sure where this will be put.

Jet Ski

The jetski is back for 2019, and will likey keep coming out each year. A small upgrade with over 200 pixels added to the outline, a J1Sys P12R inside, matched with a 5V 320W PSU and a 36V 350W PSU for the floodlights (one pixel and one DMX).

Santa 1

Santa, who has not come out since about 2012, was restrung with pixels, a little over 240 of them, and is starting to look good.

Santa 2

One of the best things with xLights is sub models, and santa was divided into about 11 seperate sub models, allowing a different color to be easily applied to parts of him. 4 seperate hands and feet, eyes, belt, skin (around the face), beard and his bag and suit color are all seperate sections.

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The Sydney Mini is over, and wow what a great weekend. People from South Australia, Victoria and all over NSW came for the weekend and we all learnt something, and everyone walked away with at least one prize and some great memories.

Mini 1

Part of the group on Day 1 at the mini. Almost 60 people in total at the Woolworths offices in Bella Vista

Mini 2

One of my presaentations, in this case I believe it was installing FPP on a Raspberry Pi as one of the round table discussions.

Prizes 1

This year there were over prizes valued at over $7000 up for grabs at the Sydney Mini. Sue won one of the main prizes, a PixLite 16 Mk II.

Prizes 2

A Raspberry Pi baing chosen as one of the prizes

Prizes 3

I chose a 30W 36V Floodlight from Ray Wu as my prize

Mini 3

Oh look, someone is waiving at the camera lol

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MAY 30

As usual I'm not taking much to the Sydney mini.


Camera, Laptop, giveaways, test box, tripod.

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MAY 19

Getting ready for the Sydney mini early next month.

Test Box 1

I have been busy creating a small "test board" to allow me to test 12v and 5V pixels, and a Beaglebone Black, Raspberry Pi, and a few different controllers. There will be a P10 Panel and some pixels added soon.

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FEB 27

We finally managed to get to Redkite to deliver the cheque. This was our first visit to the new office near Central Railway Station, and we were very impressed with the new open layout.

Redkite 1

The Redkite staff listening to Suellen talking about how we greet people, and some funny stories about people who visit.

Redkite 2

We watched about 7 videos from this years display, mostly new ones, but also a couple of the older songs from previous years.

Redkite 3

Here we are handing over the cheque for $2400 for this years fundraising. Our lowest year ever, but weather caused people to stay away, as well as caused more than a little damage to the display, leading to lower turnouts as well.

Redkite 4

A wonderful gift that will soon grace the wall in the computer room.

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JAN 06

Most of the items are down, packed away and we are beginning to start the design and upgrades for 2019

Planned upgrades: 26 more 3D Printed stars, new vents, new coro items and more through the year. I have started printing the 12 point stars and P10 brackets, as well as 20 more gutter clips.

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Total of 2019's spend

Extreme Lighting Displays Order 1: $100
Ray Wu Order 1: $800
Extreme Lighting Displays Order 2: $70
Filament: $210
Paint: $70
Falcon F16 V3 2019 Edition: $315
Isopropyl Alcohol: $80
Bolts and Screws: $65
36V PSU: $30
LYNSONLED Order 1: $880
Network Upgrades: $200
Beaglebone Black (x2): $170
16GB Micro SD Card: $18
LYNSONLED Order 2: $980
P5 Demo Panels: $200
2 * Raspberry Pi: $128
Extreme Lighting Displays Order 3: $90
Power Boards, Extension Leads: $70
Bunnings Marine Ply: $66
Plycarbonate sheeting for screens: $190
6 Core alarm cable 305 meters: $90
5 Litres of Acetone: $30
Bubble and Snow mix: $50
Paint: $90
Tent Pegs: $40
Elastic: $38
Stainless Wire and connectors: $90
Brackets: $20

Total: $5,180