January to December

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2020.

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Dec 28

Lights are mostly down, but a few things have been left up for further testing over coming months. Earlier in the month I purchased a new TIG welder for some upcoming Aluminium items I want to add to the 2020 show, but initially I need to learn how to use it.

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Jan 10

Well I can weld... Sort of lol

Initial fit up of the base for the 2020 megatree ring.

Not quite finished and painted, but it works. Each piece had 44 5cm welds on it, all done with the TIG, so by the time I finished, they did not look too bad at all.

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Feb 04

Headed down to see Redkite today, and it was great. Handed over the $2500 raised last year, and while it was not as much as we hoped, it was great that we did make as much as we did, considering the fires and smoke in the area for almost all of December.

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Feb 10

A couple of give aways for the Sydney Mini in 2020

A small Falcon logo for control boxes of those running Falcon controllers. I have about 30 white and 30 black.

A single color ACL sticker, initially made for my car, I have had a number of people ask to purchase one, so they will be available at the Sydney mini.

Total of 2020's spend

TIG Welder: $1500
Megatree Steel Order 1: $160

Total: $1,660